KAHLIL HUDSON, Director - Kahlil is a native Alaskan photographer, film director and cinematographer of commercials, feature films and television. He received his MFA in Film Directing from UCLA.  His recent clients include: Discovery, History Channel, MTV, Showtime, Yahoo!, Nikon, Interscope Records, MSNBC, Starz, Becks, HBO, Nike and PBS.

Kahlil recently directed the SXSW award-winning film LOW AND CLEAR, photographed the SXSW award-winning doc KUMARE and the PBS documentary THE THICK DARK FOG. He was named one of Paste Magazine’s “15 Best New Filmmakers of 2012” and lives in Denver, Colorado.







ALEX JABLONSKI, Director - Alex graduated magna cum laude from Kenyon College and holds an MFA from UCLA.

In 2010, he created the new media documentary project SPARROW SONGS which developed a worldwide following, was nominated for a World Press Photo award, screened at SXSWand IDFA and is currently part of the curriculum at the UC Berkeley and CUNY Schools of Journalism.

In 2012, Alex produced and edited the feature documentary LOW & CLEAR which premiered at SXSW where it won the Audience Award.








TYLER HUGHEN, Director, - Tyler has spent most of his life either on the water or in the mountains.  Growing up surfing in Encinitas, working summers as a fly fishing guide in Colorado and a formal media arts education in Montana led to joining an oceanographic expedition team with SIO where he has traveled the globe and clocked over 300 days at sea.  Life changing trips like paddling 1,000 miles across the Northwest Territories and dropping out to captain a small sailboat down the coast of Mexico for a year have left Tyler with a deep resourcefulness that he brings to any production.

Tyler's debut documentary "Low and Clear" was named by Paste Magazine as "the best documentary of the year" and went on to make the same publications "top 100 documentaries of all time" list.